Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Smile

Smiling can help! All you've got to do is smile for one person to see, they'll pass it on. Smiling can also just help you. When you smile, you'll want to be happy! Lol....listen to the lyrics in this song:

And the url if you need it:

Hope you keep on smiling today!!
Girl on a Mission


  1. Hi Hannah
    Love your new blog. It made me smile and reminded me of this poem.
    Smiling is infectious
    You catch it like the flu
    When someone smiled at me today
    I started smiling too
    I walked around the corner
    And someone saw me grin
    When he smiled I realised
    I had passed it on to him
    I thought about the smile
    And then realised its worth
    A single smile like mine
    Could travel round the earth
    So if you feel a smile begin
    Don't leave it undetected
    Start an epidemic
    And get the world infected.

  2. Forgot to say, loved the Glee song too. Season 2 just started over here last night. Can you think of two english friends who might have been watching it.
    :) and :)

  3. Lindsay! Lol....How'd you find me over here in my own little corner of the world, lady??

    Thank you SO much for the poem!! I love it, I think that I will post it :)

    Jess told me yesterday it started last night. Soooooooo what'd you think? I hope good, though I'm sure it you did. I can't for the life of me remember what the first episode was, but there are some really good ones this season!! You'll have to keep me updated on your episodes! Lol.

    Thanks so much for commenting, it really brightened what has been a gloomy day so far lol...
    *hugs to Mum and Jess*