Sunday, January 9, 2011

For Me

I wanted to create this blog to document my journey to personal happiness. I want to be happy again! I think that writing out the stresses and joys, the good times and the bad might help me. I do have another blog, as many of you probably know already, but I wanted to keep this seperate from that one. This blog is for me. If you want to follow, my friends, please do so. I'd love the support and to have you come along with me!

My goal is to post at once a day with something positive about myself. However, with school and other things, it might not quite happen as planned, eh!? So, I will do it as faithfully as I can. This is hopefully going to become a no negative area, which includes myself! But we all have those days, so I make no promises. I am also going to put up positive quotes, songs, things that might put a smile on your face : )

So! Everyone ready!? Here we go folks, it might be a bumpy ride!!

I am good at putting a smile on someone's face.

See you tomorrow : ) Good night, world.
Girl on a Mission

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